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This info-graphic titled ‘Pros and Cons of Back Surgery’ provides an overview of benefits of back surgery. Minimally invasive surgery uses little incisions and usually causes less harm to the body. This type of surgery causes less pain overall and renders a faster recovery period when used as treatment for different spine conditions. Minimally invasive methodologies can be used for procedures such as lumbar decompression and spinal fusion. Since this procedure is acquired by performing the surgery through smaller incisions, it results in less pain and less possible follows ups overall. Some benefits of having a spine surgery include:

Less scarring

Reduced risk of infection

Less soft tissue damage

Minimal pain during and post operation

Faster recovery time


Like any other type of surgery, there are risks and complications patients demand to be aware of. Before starting the procedure, your surgeon will have a conversation with you about the plausible complications surgery may bring about. A good surgeon will brief you on the course of measures necessary to help avoid potential risks. Some potential complications may encompass:


Blood clots



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This info-graphic titled “Qualities of a Good Real Estate Attorney” lists the qualities that we must look for while hiring real estate lawyer. Choosing an attorney to handle a legal matter on your behalf is an all important decision. Like doctors, attorneys can exercise in a variety of specializations. If you need help with a real estate issue, you want a lawyer with the right set of qualifications and skills to render you with the advice and services that you postulate for your case.


An attorney can be licensed by the state bar, have years of experience practicing law, and still not be competent to manage your case. Property law is a specific practice area with its own unparalleled statutes, codes, and regulations. When you hire a lawyer for real estate transactions, this individual will be your voice during the case. You want your representative to conduct themselves professionally by being arranged and on time to hearings and meetings and by managing issues respectfully. Any documents sent on your behalf should be well-written and in good order. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.