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This info-graphic titled ‘The Role Children can Play in Divorce Decisions’ provides us an overview of children’s responsibilities in complex divorces. Consistency and routine can go a long way toward rendering comfort and familiarity that can help your family during this major life change. When manageable, parents should minimize unpredictable schedules, transitions, or abrupt detachments. Particularly during a divorce, kids will benefit from one-on-one time with each of the parent.

If parents are divorcing, kids may experience many feelings. You may feel distressed out, angry, disappointed, or sad. Kids might feel cautionary of one parent or blame one for the situation. They may feel abandoned, afraid, troubled, or guilty. These feelings are very typical and talking about them with a friend, family member, or any trustworthy adult can really help.

Some teens have to travel between parents, and that can raise questions both socially and practically. Often, it takes a while for custody set up to be finalized. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

timscott Oct 26 '21 · Tags: divorce decisions